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Preserve Your Produce

You pay good money for your fruits and vegetables, and yet they often get mushy and brown before you have a chance to enjoy them.

Tossing a sheet of Fenugreen FreshPaper into your bowl or crisper will help keep your produce fresh 2 to 4 times longer.

"Our customers say it's like a dryer sheet for your fruit," says inventor Kavita Shukla, who created FreshPaper with spices from a home remedy her grandmother in India made for her as a child.

Mood Lifter

Winter, spring, summer, or fall; no matter what time of year, it's essential to find ways to keep yourself motivated and your mood lifted.

There are several things you can do to help enhance and elevate your mood, like getting enough rest, eating properly, and exercising regularly. And some herbs can help as well.

One, in particular, that seems to be getting a lot of attention is Rhodiola. (Pronounced: road-ee-oh-la)

Rhodiola is native to the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and Alaska. It has been credited with decreasing fatigue, reducing pain, improving sleep, and...

11 Foods For Radiant Skin

What you eat shows in your complexion. When you consume healthy foods, your skin benefits as much as the rest of your body.

Research shows eating the right foods gives you smooth, clear skin and a youthful glow.

Here are the top 11 foods to give you a more radiant, youthful complexion...

Udder Alternatives

There are so many alternatives to consuming animal milk that choosing one might seem a little tricky.

When you think about it, cow's milk is designed by nature to grow a baby calf or bull calf from its birth weight of around 65 pounds, to a full-sized cow or bull which will end up weighing somewhere between1600 and 2400 pounds!

Is it any wonder that dairy milk drinkers often find themselves struggling with their weight?

And while the dairy industry does offer non-fat versions as well as 1%, 2% and so on, they have to replace the fat they remove with...

The Dirty Dozen Plus

Trying to decide whether to buy organic? Are you familiar with the Dirty Dozen? It's the Environmental Working Group's high-profile list of fruits and vegetables that are the most toxic when grown conventionally (non-organically).

This list will help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and are the most important to buy organic.

You can lower your pesticide intake substantially by avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated produce.

Compostable Products

World Centric is a company on a mission to reduce economic injustice and environmental degradation through education, community networks, and sustainable enterprises.

How great is that?

They also provide high-quality compostable food service disposables and food packaging products for use in schools, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, parties, etc. They make their products from annually renewable resources like corn, sugarcane, and wheat straw fiber, some of which are by-products of the agriculture industry.

And if throwing...

Power Down, Sleep Soundly

Another reason to tackle that stack of good books on your nightstand: Texting or watching TV before bed may make it difficult to sleep.

"The glow from electronics suppresses sleep-promoting melatonin production," says Lauren Hale, an associate professor at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

Exercise For A Good Cause

Signing up for a charity race is a great way to refocus your efforts, from calorie counting, and boring workouts, to the cause you're supporting.

Register as early as possible for your race or marathon, so you have plenty of time to train and raise money for the event!

Invite a friend or group of friends to join you, and cheer each other on!

Check out for a searchable listing of local races and other events in your area.

Staying in shape is beneficial and necessary for...

Homemade Eco-Friendly Cleaners For Your Home

A clean living space helps to make a house a home. And naturally, making a home is about creating a safe and comforting space for you and your family. That's why cleaning with natural, non-toxic products are always best.

Nature provides us with materials that clean and disinfect thoroughly, making your home both safe and comforting.

Just open up your cupboards - you most likely already have the five items on hand that can tackle all of your household cleanings.

And the best part is...

Soothe Your Stomach

There's nothing worse than an upset stomach. But there is no need to suffer when you have fresh ginger on hand!

Just brew some delicious ginger tea and soothe your stomach almost instantly.

It's easy and effective!

Here's all you need...