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McDonalds Offers Veg-Friendly Meal Options

McDonalds Offers Veg-Friendly Meal Options

McDonald's is adding vegan-friendly meal options to its menus around the globe. But not so fast. Things aren't always as they seem. While Norway is enjoying the Veggie McSpice, a crispy patty made with kidney beans, peppers, onion, and cayenne pepper, Finland has been testing out the McVegan Burger, a soy-based patty with all the fixings.

There may be a growing appreciation for McDonald's offering a veg-friendly meal, but buyer beware, some of the burgers contain...

Meat and Dairy Tax?

Meat and Dairy Tax?

A study from an Oxford University team has calculated that a surcharge of 40 percent on beef and 20 percent on milk would account for the damage their production causes people through climate change, thus leading to a 13-percent drop in overall consumption.

Raising beef for human consumption has long been considered the most significant contributor to...

Domino's Serves Vegan Pizza

Domino's Serves Vegan Pizza

It's official! The pizza giant Domino's has now added vegan cheese to its menu in more than 600 Australian Domino's restaurants. So if you happen to live in, or be visiting the land Down Under, and find you have a hankering for pizza, you're in luck!

Consumers can now order up a...

Ballparks Go Veg

Ballpark Eats

Ballparks around the country are beginning to sit up and take notice of the many vegans and vegetarians filling their stands. That's great news for those of us who wish to indulge in something other than peanuts while watching our favorite teams play.

"Hooray!" to the following ballparks for offering...

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