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Hello Friends!

It's Veganuary! And veganism has a whole new face in 2020! It's your face. And my face. And the faces of an estimated seventy-five million people worldwide! No longer are vegans viewed as a select group of tree-hugging, eccentric, outsiders. We're just ordinary people. And we're growing in numbers.

If you're not familiar with Veganuary, it's a way of committing to 'veganism' for one month. January. Meaning you abstain from consuming animals and their byproducts, buying things that contain animal byproducts such as some cosmetics and skincare, along with anything made from the byproducts of animals. Think leather.

It's about making conscious choices in the world in which we live. It's an opportunity to learn as much as we can. To take a look at how big our ecological footprint is and then ask ourselves, "Are we OK with it?" It's an opportunity for healthy changes, and it's a lot easier than you might think.

Companies the world over are vying to create plant-based foods that are familiar, easy, and affordable, and they're succeeding in doing just that. With Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods being leaders in the burger business, there are several other companies like Gardein, Amy's, Boca, and Lightlife, that are creating new plant-based products and ready-to-eat meals every single day. Even company-giants like Tyson, Smithfield, Perdue, and Hormel have rolled out plant-based meat alternatives. And celebrities with huge followings (we're looking at you Oprah Winfrey) are urging their social media followers (42-million) to go vegan.

We have hundreds of delicious plant-based RECIPES to help you during Veganuary. And a library of BOOKS on the subject of veganism. As well as several TIPS that will help you to be successful!

You've got this. ~Lisa

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