Hello Friends!

Happy New Year!

It will be happy. It will be happy. We will be happy. You will be happy! 2021 has to be better than in 2020, right? Yes. We think so too!

January, also known as Veganuary for many who have chosen to take the Veganuary 30-day challenge for the first time - or maybe again, have decided a new start is in order.

For those who have been vegan for months, or maybe even years, January is still a great time to reassess your diet and lifestyle and possibly opt for some new changes. New beginnings. To eat better. To do better. To be better. Maybe it's ditching the "vegan junk food," or maybe you've decided to start the new year off with a cleanse, or maybe you want to include more whole foods in your diet.

Whatever your "new beginning" is, we're here to help! With over 400 vegan recipes, plus product ideas, tips, and more, we're certain you'll find what you need to be successful, healthy, and reach all of your goals.

We're continuously adding new recipes and, as always, offer a section that covers the latest in nutrition information, as well as a list of items to help you create the perfect pantry and make the most of your time in the kitchen. We've also listed a variety of cookbooks from some of our favorite cookbook authors, along with some of our favorite products under our SHOP WITH US tab.

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Have a look around and snag a recipe or two! Thanks so much for being here!