Hello Friends!

Welcome Spring!

Depending on where you are in the world (we're in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA), it has been a cold, gray, and very long (COVID) year, and we're over it... as no doubt, are you. So. We are more than ready to welcome spring!

With the new season upon us, we are ready to dig in and clean out the clutter! Closets and drawers, bookshelves (so many books), kitchen cupboards, and more! It's a good feeling to rid yourself of excess clutter you may have accumulated over the past year. Think about donating the items to your favorite organization. Maybe a women's shelter, a children's center, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Or if you're really energetic, you could get it all ready for that annual yard sale!

Cleaning out clutter is a great first step in deep cleaning. Ugh! We know. But following the link here for some great tips on cleaning healthfully and naturally without bringing harmful chemicals into your space will make the job a little easier, safer, and more affordable.

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