Preserve Your Produce

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Mixed fruit and vegetables

You pay good money for your fruits and vegetables, and yet they often get mushy and brown before you have a chance to enjoy them.

Tossing a sheet of Fenugreen FreshPaper into your bowl or crisper will help keep your produce fresh 2 to 4 times longer.

"Our customers say it's like a dryer sheet for your fruit," says inventor Kavita Shukla, who created FreshPaper with spices from a home remedy her grandmother in India made for her as a child.

"The main ingredient is sweet-smelling fenugreek, which inhibits bacterial and fungal growth. The maple-like scent tells you the sheet is active," says Kavita.

The cost is around $10.00 for eight sheets or about $34.00 if you buy four packs of 8, which is a bargain when you consider what you pay for your fresh produce and how much longer it will keep.

They are available at Amazon, at Whole Foods, or you can purchase them directly from Fenugreen.