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Vegan Reddi-Wip - "Oh Yeah!"

Vegan Reddi Wip - "Oh Yeah!"

June 7, 2018

The popular whipped topping Reddi Wip is now being offered in two new dairy-free varieties, both vegan-friendly! One in almond milk and the other in coconut milk.

The new dairy-free varieties are set to hit store shelves this week, May 2018 and will be offered in an aerosol can, available in both almond and coconut based varieties.

Sean Connolly, CEO of Reddi-Wip's parent company Conagra Brands, told CNBC that the new formulas were made to...

Qdoba's Meatless Discount

Qdoba's Meatless Discount - Quacamole and Chips

May 10, 2018

Customers who enjoy dining at Qdoba Mexican Eats will now enjoy a discount in addition to their meal when ordering meatless entrees.

Qdoba's new initiative - called "Qdoba Vegetarian Tier" will reward its customers who are ordering meat-free meals, a total contradiction to the standard upcharge passed on to customers at ...

McDonalds Offers Veg-Friendly Meal Options

McDonalds Offers Veg-Friendly Meal Options

March 22, 2018

McDonald's is adding vegan-friendly meal options to its menus around the globe. But not so fast. Things aren't always as they seem. While Norway is enjoying the Veggie McSpice, a crispy patty made with kidney beans, peppers, onion, and cayenne pepper, Finland has been testing out the McVegan Burger, a soy-based patty with all the fixings.

There may be a growing appreciation for McDonald's offering a veg-friendly meal, but buyer beware, some of the burgers contain...

Meat and Dairy Tax?

Meat and Dairy Tax?

March 12, 2018

A study from an Oxford University team has calculated that a surcharge of 40 percent on beef and 20 percent on milk would account for the damage their production causes people through climate change, thus leading to a 13-percent drop in overall consumption.

Raising beef for human consumption has long been considered the most significant contributor to...


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