Merry Merry Bloody Mary

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We call this a Merry Merry Bloody Mary because, unlike an original Bloody Mary, this recipe is super simple with only a few ingredients and is merrily delicious!

Here's all you need:

2 ounces vodka
6 ounces Spicy V8
a squeeze of lemon
freshly ground black pepper
sea salt (optional)

Garnish Options: celery, lemon or lime wedge, stuffed green olives, star fruit, roasted peppers, spicy asparagus.

Using a Cocktail Shaker or tall glass, add 4 to 6 cubes of ice, the vodka (for adults only), Spicy V8, a dash of freshly ground black pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Give the mixture a good shake.

To wet the glass rim and get the salt to stick (if using), run the lemon around the edge, then dip the rim into the salt.

Pour into a chilled prepared glass.

Add a bit of crushed ice, and garnish with your choice of favorites!

Adults only!