Banana Ghosts and Mandarin Orange Pumpkins


Fun and healthy Halloween treats don't have to be complicated. Set these out on a platter at your next Halloween party and watch them disappear!

4 bananas
a handful of dairy free chocolate chips
8 mandarin oranges
1 celery stalk

Peel and cut each banana in half. Lightly press the chocolate chips into the banana to create the 'face,' 2 eyes; tip-side facing out, and 1 'open mouth'; tip-side pressed into the banana, so the flat side is showing.

Next, peel the mandarin oranges. Cut the celery into four equal sized pieces, then cut each celery piece in half lengthwise. Put the celery in the middle of the orange leaving a little showing for the 'stem.'

Arrange them all on a serving platter and enjoy immediately!

Double or triple this recipe for a large party. The more, the merrier!

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