Vegan Dog?

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Jack Russell Terrier standing at his food bowl

Vegans often wonder if their dog's diet is as healthy and compassionate as their own. It's a genuine concern for vegans, and it's no wonder since big corporations generally control most dog food companies and would have you believe your dog needs chicken, beef, and lamb in their diet to be healthy. But is it true?

Can Dogs live long, healthy lives on plant-based diets just as humans do?

In 2005, David Middlesworth, the founder of V-dog, a plant-based dog food, decided to dedicate his golden years to helping change the trend of feeding farmed animals to companion animals.

    "The research has substantiated what we all felt on a gut level and have seen in practice," he said. "What we do not have to date are longevity research studies, though we do have a lot of anecdotal information that dogs on a plant-based diet live longer. In my family, for example, we had a Lab who lived to fifteen when all his siblings died four or five years before he did. He was the only pup from the litter-raised vegan. We've heard a lot of stories like that."

V-dog is the world's first vegan-dog-product company, with thousands of dogs thriving on its products. They are a family-owned business operated by a team of dedicated vegans who put their time and effort into creating the best quality and tastiest products for your pup. Current products include V-dog kibble (a hypoallergenic formula free of corn, soy, wheat, gluten, and GMO), V-dog Breathbone Dental Chews, and organic peanut butter biscuits.

Interested in trying a vegan diet or treats for your pup? Order your v-dog products conveniently online and have them delivered straight to your door.

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