Preparing Rice

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Preparing Rice

Rice is one of nature's perfect foods. It's economical, nutritious, low in calories, filling, and highly versatile.

To get the best results, rinse your rice to remove most of the starch. You'll need a medium-sized pot, a fine mesh strainer, preferably, and cold water.

Using your hand, stir the rice gently. Then drain the "milky" water and repeat until the water is mostly clear. Be gentle with the rice when stirring so the result after cooking is fluffy riceā€”not mush.

When you're ready to cook your rice, reduce the amount of water by about a quarter cup, as the rice will retain about this amount from the rinsing process.

Brown rice takes roughly two to three times longer to cook than white rice, but brown rice is more nutrient-rich than white rice. The taste of brown and white rice will also vary.

Follow the cooking instructions on the package for the rice you've chosen.

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