On Weight Loss

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Sensible tips for managing your weight:

In this "super-sized" world, portion sizes have doubled, and in some cases tripled. We've gotten so used to seeing our food super-sized that it's hard to remember what a regular-sized serving looks. Add to that the growing need to get more for your dollar, and you've got the perfect recipe for an expanding waistline.

Choosing a plant-based diet is a significant first step to cutting out bad fats and excess calories.

Here are a few tips to help you shed even more of those unwanted pounds!

  • Eat only until you have satisfied your hunger, not until you feel completely full or stuffed. Wrap up any leftovers for an afternoon snack or another meal.
  • Eat slower and take smaller bites; slowing down will give your body time to realize it's receiving food. Also, chew your food completely before swallowing - this will help with the digestion process and your metabolism will also get a boost.
  • If you are serving yourself, dish up only half of what you normally would. - Before you go in for seconds, ask yourself if you are satisfied. If you are, then pass on the seconds.
  • Remember that old saying, "You can't leave the table until you've cleaned your plate?" Well forget about it. Leave the table - that's what Tupperware is for!
  • When dining out, ask your server if they have a "light" menu. Or, ask if you can order "half" an entree. You can also ask your server to place half of your meal into a to-go container before they bring it out to you.
  • Eat fresh veggies, fresh fruit, dried fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and forego highly processed foods as often as you can. When the food you put into your body is too complicated, e.g., overly processed, and your body can't figure out its components, those components get stored as fat, and that can lead to a whole lot of unwanted pounds and fast. Think of whole-foods when you are planning your meals and always carry healthy whole-food snacks with you! Keep a small container of dried fruit and nuts in your car, desk, and handbag, so you're always ready with a healthful snack when hunger strikes.
  • Drink water - lot's of water! Drinking half of your weight in water each day - every day is the goal! Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so when hunger strikes, drink a glass of water and see if you're still hungry. Drinking three to four ounces of water before each meal or snack can also help you reach your weight-loss goal. The water will not only fill a portion of your stomach, but it will also help to expand and breakdown the fiber in your stomach, giving you a fuller feeling longer.
  • Move your body - It doesn't matter if you go to a gym, run a half marathon, or sit in a chair and pretend to march while flapping your arms like a bird. Move your body for 30 minutes each day. Pick a time and commit to it. If 30 seems like a lot to you, then start with 20. But move. your. body. Start today!
  • Last, but not least don't do the guilt thing. We all hit rough patches; it's completely normal. Tomorrow is another day. Be kind to yourself. And remember -- you are unique and beautiful in the body God gave you.