Vegan Wine

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Wine glasses, fruit, chocolate, and vegan cheese display

Wine lovers know that not all wines are created equal. And, as it turns out, not all wines are vegan either.

The clarification process that occurs in wine-making is called fining. This process filters the wine by using such substances as albumin (egg whites), casein (milk protein), gelatin (animal protein), and isinglass (fish bladder protein).

While we could write up the full definition of Fining Wine let us say that without this process, wine would appear cloudy or murky rather than crisp and clear, and that would make for some unhappy wine connoisseurs.

Fortunately, many winemakers are beginning to use vegan-friendly clay-based fining agents like bentonite or activated charcoal. This is great news for vegan wine lovers everywhere!

Even though most winemakers don't list fining agents on their label, has compiled an online directory of vegan and vegetarian beer, wine, and liquor! So, if you are a vegan and are also a wine-lover, head to their website and check out their list of vegan-friendly wines.