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Hands cupped holding a mixture of nuts in a heart shape

Did you know that while nuts are healthy, eating too many of them could actually be harmful? According to Joel Fuhrman, MD; Alan R. Gaby, MD; and Lily Nichols, RDN; and the April 2016 Prevention Magazine, eating too many nuts can cause the following 4 unhealthy things to happen.

  • #1. Digestive issues: Eating too many nuts can cause digestive issues. Nuts have the compounds, phytates and tannins, and these are hard to digest. They can make you gassy, bloated, and downright miserable., Eating too much fat - like the fat found in nuts - in a single sitting can also cause diarrhea. Um, no thank you.
  • #2. Loss of iron: Nuts can interfere with the absorption of iron. As a vegan, getting the iron you need might be a bit challenging. So hold the nuts when you're chomping down on those dark leafy greens.
  • #3. Hair loss, brittle nails, bad breath: Some nuts, like Brazil nuts, are abundant in a trace mineral called selenium which is a good thing. But too much selenium can result in hair loss, brittle nails, and bad breath. According to the experts, you should limit your Brazil nut intake to no more than 4 per day.
  • #4. Weight gain: More than a handful of nuts per day, and you could start packing on some unwanted pounds. Studies actually link nuts to weight loss, but only if you eat them in moderation. Think no more than 1/4 cup per day.
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