Health Benefits

One medium artichoke has around 60 calories and more than 6 grams of fiber, as well as about 4 grams of protein. The higher appeal of an artichoke is its ability to promote liver health and soothe digestive problems, such as nausea and bloating. To this, you owe thanks to the powerful antioxidant silymarin. Silymarin enhances liver function by stimulating cell regeneration and scavenging for free radicals.

Artichokes also contain cynarine, which, according to some studies, helps lower cholesterol. Artichokes are a good source of magnesium, potassium, and folate - all nutrients that help improve muscle function and heart health.


Look for heavy, firm, medium-size artichokes. Squeeze the artichoke and listen for a squeaky sound which will tell you if the artichoke is fresh.


Keep refrigerated in a plastic bag for up to five days.


To help keep artichokes from discoloring, place them in water with the juice of one lemon until you're ready to use them. Steaming artichokes is one of the healthiest ways to prepare them. Squeeze lemon juice into water and add one tablespoon salt; bring to a boil. Place the artichokes in steamer-basket, stem-side up. Cover the pot with a lid, and steam until the heart of the artichoke is tender when pierced with a tip of a paring knife, and inner leaves pull off easily; 25 to 35 minutes; add more water to the pot, if necessary.

Did you know?

Marilyn Monroe was first crowned The California Artichoke Queen.

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